Come on down to the range and meet Ade. An experienced knife thrower, who took on axes when he joined Skeeters. Ade loves to throw trick shots; behind the back, through the legs, multiple rotations, the list is endless. You name it and he will throw it.


Cool, calm and collected. Kekko is the smoothest axe thrower you will ever meet. He’s great with kids, so bring yours along on Sundays for our Kids Club.


Antique Conservator and Weapon buff, James prides himself on a friendly and engaging teaching style. No matter the customer, he is always ready to help them fulfil their potential. One of the first rangers, Jim has clocked up a good few hours on the range, and is always ready to answer any questions you might have. James is also one of the adjudicators for Skeeter’s League nights, and while he has often said he’s not the best thrower, he does have quite the eye for judging.


Our senior instructor Sanch has been throwing axes for over six years. Known as the “The Clutch King” for his phenomenal ability to hit those small green dots on the target, he takes part in the Leagues and has represented the country in international competitions. Sign up to our league for a chance to knock Sanch off his throne!


A tattoo collector that loves unicorns


One of our new rangers but that doesn’t make her anyway less fun or knowledgeable. This one is a firecracker and will make sure you leave our range with a smile on your face!


Ambah has been throwing for only a year but they are fantaxtic. Competitive but fair, you’ll have a great time with Ambah there!


“Those who stand on tiptoes do not stand firmly. Those who rush ahead don`t get very far.

Those who try to outshine others dim their own light” Lao Tzu


Originally the quiet one, Kyra is a right laugh! You will not leave Kyra’s group until you stick something.


I`ve only been a ranger for around two months now, but have quickly become obsessed with the art of axe throwing! You will find me making terrible axe puns at every opportunity… its axe-tually a problem!


Axepert Ranger

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