Join our club!

Skeeters Axe Club membership is suitable for all!

If you have been to the range, and enjoyed your session, and are eager to get more into the exciting sport of axe throwing, you should consider joining the club!

What’s involved

The club will give you access to our tournament and league nights, as well as special members only events and sessions!

Club Night

A fun packed evening every Tuesday at 7pm at the range


IATF & in-house tournaments

Membership is free!

You don’t need to pay anything to join our club! Just sign up on site so we can check you know how to safely thrown an axe!


Free membership allows you to take part in our club nights, where we will be hosting Skeeters and affiliated leagues.

These will be a great chance to put your skills to the test against fellow throwers, as well as exchange tips and tricks with our other members!

Please note, you must have been to Skeeters at least once for a standard session to join our club night.

Club nights

Every Tuesday night from 7PM, we will be hosting Skeeters Axe Club members night!

Compete in the league

We will be running IATF and Skeeters own in-house leagues throughout the year, with the IATF tournaments that will qualify you for the global finals!

Practice your skills

Club night will be a great chance to spend some time with fellow axe throwers, exchange tips and learn some trick shots!

Leagues / Tournaments

Tournaments will run for periods of 4-8 weeks, depending on the format, and will be priced up as a package for each run.

A standard IATF 8 week tournament will cost £80.

When IATF tournaments are not running, we will be running standard Skeeters League nights, for your chance to adjust your standings on our leader board, or our in-house tournaments, which will come in multiple flavours!

Tickets for Club Night are £12.50 per week, giving you the best value for money axe throwing experience!