What’s in a day?

Being our venue manager will be more of a way of life than a job. That’s not to say it’s easy, because it’s not. You’ll probably be on your feet from dawn to dusk, but it’ll be rewarding, sociable and challenging.

Your main duties are to make sure our customers are happy, ensuring the venue is booked out, the range is maintained, the rota is managed and that your staff know how to provide a great experience. But, as with any management role, there’s a lot more to it than that….

Key responsibilities:

  • Recruiting, training and motivating your staff
  • Conducting regular stock-takes and ordering as necessary
  • Handling deliveries
  • Maintaining the condition of the target lanes and site
  • Overseeing the booking system
  • Keeping up to date with insurance, liaising with the authorities and taking overall responsibility for the premises while on site
  • Enforcing health and safety rules and our code of conduct
  • Adhering to budgets, increasing profits and managing cash flow
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Research and development of safety and operations processes
  • Managing crowd flow

What sort of hours will I work?

The nature of the job means you’ll work unsociable, long hours, including weekends. The average is about 45 hours a week, there will be a degree of flexibility and you will be able to assign duty managers to alleviate that load 

The best bit about working at Skeeters?

The range will be an exciting working place, with all the rewards of enabling people to enjoy a great entertainment experience. Being part of one of the newest fastest growing sports in the UK will be an interesting & challenging journey!

What skills do I need?

Any experience in hospitality will help you develop the people and service skills you need, but obviously it’s more relevant if you’ve worked in other sporting or entertainment businesses. You’ll also need bags of personality and a can-do attitude that might see you sorting out a broken target if that’s what it takes to keep the business on track that day.

  • Maintaining a safe working environment for all 
  • Looking after the customers’ needs
  • Making sound decisions and problem-solving
  • Controlling your business and managing your margins
  • Growing your sales and bookings
  • Communicating effectively
  • Basic computer literacy (email, booking system etc.) 

What qualifications do I need?

No formal qualifications are required, although we will be sending all of our staff on instructor training, as well as training in our safety processes.

Who would it suit?

You’re going to have to like people, because you’ll be seeing an awful lot of them – from every walk of life. You’ll also need stamina, business acumen and a craving for responsibility.


Get in touch at jobs@skeeters.ax if you have any questions, or a copy of your CV and a cover letter if you want to jump right in!