Axe THrowing

What’s it all about?

We provide the perfect out of the box activity for you and your friends (or even co-workers) as a visit to Skeeter’s is unlike any other. Think throwing axes and drinking cocktails rather than bottomless brunches and bad karaoke.

The Session

When you arrive at Skeeter’s, our expert axe rangers will safely walk you through the best way to throw an axe so that you can safely do it yourself. Under their supervision you will easily be able to hone your skills and hopefully by the end of the session score a few bullseyes!


Afterwards feel free to grab a drink at any of our friends situated nearby. ‘Howling Hops’, the friendly neighbourhood bar has a wide range of craft-beers, wines, spirits and cocktails for your enjoyment. We also have a few radical neighbours selling great food so that you won’t get hungry after you exert all that energy axe-throwing.

Give it a try!

We hope that you have a fantastic time at Skeeter’s. We realise that axe-throwing is the kind of activity usually reserved for wild woodsmen and Norse warriors but we hope that you can come down and enjoy something that you wouldn’t normally do (unless you are our lord, saviour and divine inspiration Skeeter Vaughn).


Email us a booking@skeeters.ax or us our online booking system to find a time to visit!