Best Bars in Hackney

At Skeeters we know how to unwind, so we’ve put together a list of the best bars in our beloved Hackney; so when you’ve got your axe throwing fix, you can double down on the de-stressing with a drink and a chin wag.

Barge East


At Skeeters it’s no secret we love a barge. So this one will come as no shock to all of you,  a big fat restaurant/bar on a barge right next door in Hackney Wick. This banging spot pairs delicious food, fabulous cocktails and sexy wines with an historic atmosphere on an 120 year old barge. The lovely garden is one of the biggest outdoor spaces in London, time to make the most whilst the weather still holds (kinda)!

The Haggerston


Pub by Day, bar by night, The Haggerston is a feel good spot you’ve got to check out. Located just off Kingsland road, this unique haunt serves great food and drinks in a cosy atmosphere. But the real magic kicks off after 10pm when tables and chairs are cleared away, the DJ decks get wheeled out and the madness kicks off. Open till 2am the dancing, this is a spot for dancing and banging tunes. Hiphop, dancehall and weekly jazz nights mean there is something for everyone here.

Behind This Wall


Nestled in Hackney Central is this best gem for audiophiles. Originally a vinyl only night, BTW is now a “low-fi bar with hi-fi intentions.” This badass basement spot might be minimal on the decor, but it’s all about the music and the delicious cocktail menu. We recommend booking ahead as this is a seated venue and it does fill up. The bar has an asian inspired menu as well to keep the wolf from the door while you soak up the wicked rhythms, spun by one of in-house vinyl veterans, manhattan in hand.

Four Quarters


One for all the gamers out there, this chain of bars features old school arcades galore. The location local to us in Hackney Wick is the perfect place to blow off some steam when you haven’t had your fill of hitting the target at our axe throwing lane. Come for a dose of Timesplitters, Nintendo 64 and all of the best arcades. Four Quarters features the best craft beers and a cocktail menu packed with old classics and in-house inventions. This one beats monopoly every time.

Ridley Road Market Bar


Definitely one of the best and weirdest bars in Hackney, this wacky Tiki bar in the iconic Ridley Road Market is cheap and cheerful in the best possible way. DIY decor, a respectable cocktail menu and a banging reggae and motown soundtrack make this a feelgood spot we highly recommend. No reservations, no nonsense; just show up and let the good times roll. Almost all of their cocktail ingredients are sourced outside the door in the bustling market. This spot is the tropical disco you never knew you needed.

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