Skeeter Vaughan was an unrelenting, fully fledged badass… so we thought it wise to chose a manager with equally magnetic mettle.

Meet Ben, our General Manager.

He can charm the skin off a cobra while playing virtuoso clarinet in one hand and slinging his signature ‘peace-pipe’ tomahawk to a backwards bullseye with the other. When asked to comment on his appointment to the post of the manager he calmly replied: “this is the way”.

A creative spark with bonafide experience managing teams through events and in pubs & bars.

He’s no stranger to the festival stage either and often works with other musicians to help them deliver their most gripping live-performances.

A real people-person to guide our uniquely dedicated team of Axe Rangers.

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  1. A great afternoon celebrating a birthday with friends and family. Staff were absolutely excellent making the experience fun and exciting and in our case a little competitive. Would highly recommend for something different to do with friends and then go on for drinks and a meal . Also suits all ages .

  2. Thank u to Ben and all the staff at Skeeters for helping to book the pumpkin smash and ensuring that Tarah and Alessia had the best time 🎃🧡⚡️💥🤩🍁

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