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At Skeeters, we believe that axe throwing has the potential to be […]
Feature image: A Dummies Guide to Forging Axes
Hello axe throwing aficionados of London! Today we are going to examine […]
1958’s The Vikings is a mead-infused action epic starring Kirk Douglas as […]
Axe throwing target
Popularised by North American lumberjacks, axe throwing has come a long way […]
Arrows, daggers, slingshots, javelins, throwing axes … before the explosive impact of […]
Ade Come on down to the range and meet Ade. An experienced […]
I have been an axe ranger for coming-on two years now. I […]
What Makes an Axe? There are a surprising number of constituent parts […]
Purpose Hatches are typically splitting axes, designed to split logs, make kindling, […]
Well done to Coggy for winning our 2021/22 winter league. After seven […]
Axe throwing as we know it is a sport with a very […]
THROW HO HO . . . MERRY AXEMAS! What’s on this Christmas? […]